Wednesday, June 29, 2005

HAHAHAAH okay so first, see Tom cruise on Oprah,.. I'm pretty sure he and Katie are High..

Tom Cruise on Oprah

Then, See this, Dane Cook, Making a spoof of Tom, Hahahaha, so funny, pointing out the obvious, that Tom has brain damage...hahahahahah
Dane Cook on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Tom Cruise on Post Partum Depression:

Because Cruise's religion maintains that vitamins, exercise and behavioral changes can play a part in overcoming depression and many other illnesses, in May 2005 Cruise publicly criticized actress Brooke Shields for using the drug Paxil, an anti-depressant, which Shields claims helped her recover from depression after the birth of her daughter in 2003. Cruise also said, "Here is a woman, and I care about Brooke Shields because I think she is an incredibly talented woman, you look at and think, where has her career gone?" At the time, Shields was starring in a London revival of the musical "Chicago". Shields responded that Cruise's statements about anti-depressants were "irresponsible" and "dangerous." She said he should "stick to fighting aliens" (a reference to Cruise's starring role in War of the Worlds) and let mothers decide the best way to treat Post partum depression.

Tom age discrepancy:

Tom recently became engaged to Kati Holmes. With tom at 42, and Kati at 26, there is a space of 16years. So, when Tom was 20 Years old, Kati was 4.

Tom The Scientologist:

Cruise is arguably Hollywood's most outspoken member of the controversial Church of Scientology. He joined in 1986, while married to Mimi Rogers. In March 2004, Cruise fired his publicist of 14 years, Pat Kingsley, prompting speculation that the rift occurred over Cruise's very public promotion of Scientology. Kingsley wanted Cruise to concentrate on his films. However, she said it was an "amicable parting." Cruise's current publicist is his sister,Lee Anne De Vette, who is a Scientologist. Cruise's fiancée, Katie Holmes, recently has begun studying Scientology, which Cruise says does not conflict with her Roman Catholicism parental religion. Cruise himself says that Scientology has helped him overcome his problems, especially his dyslexia. He said as a result of joining Scientology "I realized I could absolutely learn anything that I wanted to learn," and says it has improved his communication. During the filming of War of the Worlds, Cruise said he was "honored" to have "volunteer Scientology ministers on the set."