Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Tom age discrepancy:

Tom recently became engaged to Kati Holmes. With tom at 42, and Kati at 26, there is a space of 16years. So, when Tom was 20 Years old, Kati was 4.


Blogger One Small Voice said...

When Tom Cruise is 59, his wife will be 43. When he is 89, she will be 73. Your point is?

Would the reason that advertising agencies, porn developers, modelling agencies, tv, movies, press and the rest use mostly young women as the models, 'sexy' stars, porn stars, 'pin-ups' and 'calendar girls', etc, be because their success hinges on the majority of men tend to be that much more attracted to younger women than to older ones?

MICHAEL DOUGLAS AND CATHERINE ZETA-JONES. Age difference: 25 years. So Michael Douglas is most definitely old enough to be her father. In fact when Michael Douglas was 18, it was still 7 years before the birth of the lovely Catherine.

Does it matter? No. Because, so long as its legal, its NOW that matters, not the age difference when they were children, and its the relationship between the two people that matters. None of which you or I know about personally or in depth.

Oh, is Michael Douglas not a scientologist? I suspect he's not, and I also suspect its because he's not that you ignore a far greater age gap while trying to make a big issue out of a far smaller one. Or, to put in another way, I suspect that its because Tom Cruise is a scientologist that 16 years age difference is so much more significant to you than a 25 year age gap LOL.

It would seem that Catherine Zeta Jones prefers older men. I can understand that. Far more chance with older men of them having grown up and put aside bad childish traits of ridiculing and discrediting others about matters they patently show that they know so little about.

More chance that older men (so long as they have LEARNED from life's experience) are better informed, that they show more love towards others, that they are more respectful and that they show more concern generally about others.

Some men with age even mature to the extent of being brave enough and caring enough to speak up even though they know that doing so will result in their having to endure humiliation and ridicule by the less mature (or those attempting to keep evidence away from others). These exceptionally mature men are mature enough to do all this in an attempt to help people they don't even know. They do it by trying to get information across to people who quite clearly (as observed from the uninformed reactions) are not aware of that information, and which might save the life of some of those people, or the lives of some of their children one day.

Who knows, that might be one of the reasons Katie Holmes prefers Tom Cruise to a less intelligent, mature man.

Cheers. :-)

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