Wednesday, July 20, 2005


Blogger One Small Voice said...

What is rather funny is that the first Google Ads on your site says:

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Rather appropriate under the circumstances. Particularly as Tom Cruise is ridiculed for his views on psych drugs and as today's news is that Oslo University (Norway) examination of studies show that the incidents of suicidal acts on Paxil were 6 times higher than that on placebo in adults.

And that a non-scientologist expert (presumably, as he's a psychiatrist and as far as I know scientologists don't have psychiatrists) has exposed clinical trials of prozac, paxil and zoloft as having lied about their findings. That the makers changed suicidality and homicidality that happened in clinical trials on those drugs to being incidents of nausea.

"...Reports on these trials list patients who have committed suicide, and list those patients as being of a certain age and as having committed suicide at a certain point during the trial, when the patient in question has a very different age and the event in question happened at a completely different point during the trial...".

"...Miscoding of suicidal act as emotional lability..."

" ...Lilly have resorted to treatment non-response and a range of other headings to code what happened..." [re coding/mislabelling suicidal acts happening on clinical trials]

"...records on Prozac, Seroxat/Paxil and Lustral/Zoloft, you will find cases of homicidality coded as nausea for instance..."

"...Discontinuation of patients from studies for primary adverse effects such as nausea when in fact there has been a suicidal act;..."

"...But it is also worth adding specifically that this has been a feature of all trials of Zoloft/Lustral, Seroxat/Paxil and Prozac throughout..."

And that the maker of Paxil (GSK, I don't believe they would be scientologists either) admitted in 2003 that paxil was being promoted unscientifically:
Bottom of Page 8:

"In May 2003, the maker of the SSRI Paxil, GlaxoSmithKline (“GSK”), announced that it was withdrawing claims contained in its promotional material for Paxil (called Seroxat in Ireland and the UK) that the drug worked by normalizing levels of serotonin. GSK acknowledged that the link between depression and serotonin levels is unproven and that such claims “were not consistent with the scientific literature.” "

As its apparently so "funny" that there was clean water temporarily on Tom Cruise's face - so funny that it would be considered by anyone to be worth making a website called crybabytomcruise, then would it be correct to assume that the fact that there is clear scientific egg sticking permanently on the faces of those who continually try to discredit him and humiliate him, and who use his 'belief' to do so (despite its irrelevance to anything of importance and the fact that he gets his supporting evidence from scientists - most of whom are not scientologists), comes under the terminology "absolutely hilarious"?

Why is that people with poor to non-existent insight into an issue are the ones who so often make the most cruel, derisive and pointless comments at the expense of others brighter and more informed than themselves?

Cruise spends some of his time (he doesn't have to do so, and it is a particularly thankless task - look at this site for instance) trying to help others avoid the pitfall of drugs that have already claimed the lives of hundreds of thousands of people.

That is far more commendable than wasting that amount of time trying to ridicule him for doing so.

To anyone with standards at least.

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